Adriana Koulias

Adriana Koulias


Adriana Koulias was born in 1960 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but was raised and educated in Australia.

Her early life in Brazil was a happy one surrounded by family, many of them accomplished musicians, artists, storytellers, and journalists. She sites her mystical grandmother and her love for religious stories as an influence on her later writing, as well as living in a cultural melting pot, where Hoodoo, Voodoo, Catholicism and native practices intermingled. Adriana's family also travelled widely in her youth, and so, added to her mystical upbringing and a love of travel was a fascination with history developed from years of accompanying her parents into what seemed like every museum, church and monastery in Europe.

When she was nine, her parents moved to Australia and here she settled down to school life and began a love affair with the English language. After she left school however she decided to forego a university scholarship to study English and History to pursue a nursing career instead, because of her love for Biology and the practicalities of needing an immediate income. Later, her Brazilian influences surfaced and she tried her hand at being a singer and songwriter. She studied voice for eight years with Jan Light of the Australian Opera Company and formed a band with her husband, composing and performing original works. Along the way she also became a professional visual artist selling paintings at exhibitions. After having her two children she embarked on a study of history, philosophy and esoteric science and eventually became a successful international lecturer.

Adriana began writing her first book in 1995. Adriana continues to moderate study groups from all over the world and to lecture in Australia and internationally on History, Philosophy and Esoteric Science.

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