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Alice completed a degree in English Literature at Edinburgh University and in 2003 joined Curtis Brown to launch and develop the audio side of their ever-expanding business. As the Audio Manager she was responsible for handling all the sales to independent audio publishers and continues to develop an increasing number of original projects such as Romeo and Juliet by David Hewson. 

Alice is lucky enough to represent a wonderfully eclectic and talented list of authors, varying from on-topic commercial women's fiction to beautifully lyrical literary fiction to a full-blooded historical saga to the very best of crime. She is always on the look-out for really smart new fiction, whether it be commercial or offbeat. Alice does not believe in 'commercial or literary', but instead believes simply in jolly good writing.

Alice adores crime and thrillers with a cosy/family or very unusual element to them. She is also keen to expand her non-fiction list. Her taste is on the personal side; think Henry Marsh DO NO HARM and I AM I AM I AM by Maggie Farrell. Most important is a strong and compelling narrative strand. At the moment, she is also focusing on finding a fantastic ghost novel - think Woman In Black and also something to make a reader feel warm inside - think One Day. Alice is happy to be contacted via email with submissions directly relating to her current wish list.

She is particularly keen to work with writers from the start of their careers and handles a number of successful authors whom she has nursed through from their debut novels. She is very proud to represent some of our Curtis Brown Creative students, such as Kate Hamer, Jane Harper and Catherine Bennetto. It is a privilege to work with authors from the earliest of days.

Sophia MacAskill is her assistant.