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Aimée-Ffion Edwards

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BBC for BBC Producer Sam Miller

Luther is BBC1’s crime drama starring Idris Elba as a homicide detective with a brilliant mind and a fearsome temper.

The second series sees John Luther, still devastated by the brutal murder of his wife, return to policing in a different world. His old unit has gone and he's working in the newly created Serious and Serial Unit, under which he gathers the remnants of his trusted team. It's not long before they're dealing with their first case. A masked man wanders the streets of London, carrying out ritualistic murders in historic locations, working his way up to one final masterpiece.

Aimee-Ffion played as Jenny Jones, a teenage girl increasingly caught up in Luther’s ongoing enquiries. Jenny is sassy and streetwise with a real rebellious streak to her.
Aimee-Ffion Edwards in Luther

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