Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn


by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn Non-fiction

  • US & Canada Twelve (April 2013, Ed. Cary Goldstein, 256 pages)
  • UK Random House (Ed. Nigel Wilcockson)

A manifesto for conquering complexity and bringing clarity to business, government, and daily life.

Today, complexity threatens to overwhelm us. It’s causing overwhelmed businesses to lose sight of basic goals and strategies; it’s a primary reason why government can’t get anything done; and it invades our everyday lives a million ways, from phone bills we can’t decipher to gadgets we can’t figure out. In Simple, the internationally-renowned simplicity experts Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn of Siegel & Gale put forth a manifesto calling for a new emphasis on simplification — and, more importantly, they provide a practical step-by step roadmap showing how we can simplify our businesses and our lives.

Packed with surprising insights — e.g., that simplicity is a way of thinking rooted in empathy, that it can determine success or failure and even life or death, and that it can enrich people’s experiences even as it limits them — Simple offers a fresh new way of thinking about a subject that is more important than ever these days.
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