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Alexis Conran was introduced to the world of scams, frauds and magic at a young age. His extensive knowledge of hustling, pickpockets and con artists led to him being made an adviser for the series Hustle for the BBC. Following this, Alexis was asked to star in the flagship series, The Real Hustle.

Born in Paris and raised in Greece, he went on to study at LAMDA, whilst also returning to the art of magic along with his training. He re-acquainted himself with the pack of cards and began working as a professional magician specialising in card cheating; performing at exotic, celebrity-fuelled private parties worldwide.

Alexis's hard-hitting documentary and deeply personal documentary, Gambling Addiction and Me: The Real Hustler broadcast to critical acclaim on BBC3 in 2012.  Last year his series The Mind Control Freaks was aired on Discovery Channel across 224 countries. The show explored the inner workings and psychology of the human mind. Alexis was joined by poker player Liv Boeree, hypnotist Lewis Le Val and sleight-of-hand pro Pete Wardell, as they use psychological tricks and mind manipulation on the public to get them to do unexpected and extraordinary things. In May 2014 the series aired to huge acclaim internationally on Discovery Channel across 224 countries.

Alexis can be currently seen on Man Versus Expert a six part series on The Discovery Channel is currently filming Man Versus Expert (6 x 30") for The Discovery Channel with Magnum Media LTD to be broadcast in 2015. Alongside Alexis' television work, in recent years, he has become a popular key note speaker using his knowledge on security and the psychology of con-men to entertain and educate at various public speaking events. Alexis has also worked as an advocate of the Scam Busters campaign for the Office of Fair Trading. 


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