Becoming A Client

We spend our days looking for new talent. Could it be you? Our agents answer your questions on how, where, why and what to send to us.

I have written a book. Do you accept novels by new writers?
Can I send my novel directly to a Curtis Brown agent?
How long does an agent take to decide whether or not to take me on?
If I send you my novel, can you provide any editorial advice or a reader’s critique?
Do you accept novels written in foreign languages or from writers living overseas?
I’d like to be a TV presenter. How can I apply to your agency?
I have been approached to be on TV as an expert or adviser on a series. Do I need an agent?
What can I do to get my screenplay read by agencies and production companies?
I have written a play and I'd like to get it produced in a Theatre. Do I need an agent to help me do this?