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Ben Gregor

Director for film and television

Theatre, Film & TV
Amanda Davis
+44 (0)20 7393 4457
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Ben Gregor directs film, TV and commercials, specialising in comedy with visual flair.

Ben recently directed his debut feature All Stars 3D for Vertigo Films.


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The Midnight Beast 6 x 30'
Warp Films & Cuba Comedy for E4
Producer Mary Burke
Director Ben Gregor
Starring Stefan Abingdon, Andrew Wakely & Ashley Horne

Online phenomenon The Midnight Beast bring their all singing, all-dancing brand of comedy to E4.

RDF Television for IFC
Director Ben Gregor
Starring David Cross, Sharon Horgan, Will Arnett & John Hamm

Sitcom about a US executive who finds himself out of his depth when he is mistakenly sent to run his company's new UK arm.

DOA 1 x 30' Pilot
Channel K for BBC3
Producer Sally Martin
Director Ben Gregor
Writer Roger Beckett & Gary James Martin
Starring Karen Taylor & Kris Marshall

Comedy pilot which follows mismatched paramedic duo Tom and Julie on their first, chaotic night shift together.

Baby Cow Productions for BBC3
Producer David Lambert
Director Ben Gregor
Starring Gamarjobat

Silent comedy about two outsiders struggling to get by. Stars award-winning Japanese duo Gamarjobat

No Heroics 8 x 30'
Tiger Aspect for ITV2
Director Ben Gregor
Writer Ben Gregor
Starring Patrick Bladi, James Lance, Justin Edwards & Claire Keelan

Gemma Factor 1 x 30'
Freeform for BBC3
Director Ben Gregor

Coming Up: 99,100 1 x 30'
IWC Media for Channel 4
Director Ben Gregor
Starring Charlene McKenna, Aaron Johnson & Simon Wolfe

Ideal: Series 3 8 x 30'
Baby Cow for BBC3
Director Ben Gregor
Starring Johnny Vegas

Straight 8 TV 2 x 30'
Channel 4
Director Ben Gregor

Writer and Director
Owls Feature
Vertigo Films
In Development
Director Ben Gregor
Writer Ben Gregor

All Stars 3D Feature
Vertigo Films
Producer Jim Spencer
Director Ben Gregor
Writer Paul Gerstenberger
Starring Akai Osei & Theo Stevenson

A fast and funny story about dance, love and finding strength through friendship

World of Wrestling Short

Director Ben Gregor
Writer Tim Plester
Starring MacKenzie Crook, Kris Marshall, Patrick Baladi & Kevin Eldon

Pitch Film/Godman
Director Ben Gregor
Writer Tim Plester
Starring MacKenzie Crook, Martin Freeman, Johnny Vegas & Mark Heap