Ben Hopkins

Writer and director for film
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Warp Films & BFI
In development
Rhamsa Productions, Starfield Productions & Flying Moon Films
In development
Apocalypso Productions Limited
In development
Producer Hans Geißendörfer/Nikki Parrott
Producer Judy Counihan
Director Claire Kilner
  • Rhys Ifans
  • Patsy Kensit
  • Eileen Walsh
    Original feature
    Empire Pictures
    Film Consortium
    An original screenplay inspired by the ‘golden age' of Bengali cinema as well as by Hollywood's ‘women's pictures' such as Stella Dallas and the films of Douglas Sirk
    Poisson Rouge Pictures


    Writer Alan Levy


    Writer & Director


    Expressionist documentary about Istanbul

    Bredok Film & Geissendörfer Film und Fernsehen & ZDF
    Based on the novella Michael Kohlhaas by Heinrich von Kleist

    A film about the Anglo-American occupation of Naples, Italy
    Tiger Lily Films
    Producer Roshanak Behesht Nedjad
  • Tayanç Ayaydin
  • Genco Erkal
    A comic film with a tragic undertow, inspired by the plays of Brecht and the films of Yilmaz Güney
    Flying Moon Films
    37 Uses For A Dead Sheep
    Caligari Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, 2006
    Producer Nikki Parrott and Natasha Dack
  • Sereban Aslan
  • Ismail Atilgan
    Feature length documentary
    Tigerlily Films
    A docudrama developed by the First Film Company
    First Film Company
    Remake of a psychological horror film based on Elbert van Strien's award-winning short film
    Cuba Pictures
    Producer Francesca Barra
    Feature adaptation of the Neapolitan diary series of Norman Lewis
    Focus Features
    In development
    A film from the team that brought the world The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz
    G2 Films
    The Nine Lives Of Tomas Katz
    Winner of Evening Standard Best Newcomer Award
    Producer Caroline Hewitt
  • Tom Fisher
  • Toby Jones
  • Will Keen
    Black comedy set in London during the final days before the Apocalypse
    G2 Films
    Producer Robert Jones
  • Ian Holm
  • Stuart Townsend
  • Noah Taylor
    Feature film about a Jewish community
    Film 4/Arts Council of England/Lucky Red/Arp/Hollywood Partners
    Producer Tony Emsley
  • Hayley Carmichael
  • Barry Wallman
    27 minute Royal College of Arts graduation film
    Royal College of Art
    18 minute short broadcast in France and Germany
    13 minute Royal College of Arts winning entry for the Fuji Film Scholarship
    Royal College of Art
    Producer Daniel Zuta, Vladimer Katcharava, Mike Downey, Sam Taylor, Artem Vasiliew
  • MyAnna Buring
  • Ali Cook
  • Matthew Macfayden
  • Noah Taylor

    An English filmmaker is hired to direct an epic production in the Caucasus

    Film & Music Entertainment, 20 Steps Productions & Brandstorm Entertainment



    Director Ermek Shinarbaev
    Commissioned by Unifors Moscow for Russian Television
    Unifors Moscow



    Producer Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith
    Director David Farr
    Adapted from the original story by Ben Hopkins and David Farr
    Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith


    Writer & Director

  • Emily Lloyd
  • Anthony Higgins
    Half-hour film selections shot for the stage play performed at the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill, starring Emily Lloyd and Anthony Higgins. Involves pastiches of 1940s Hollywood style and 1920s German Expressionism.