Brock Norman Brock

Writer for film
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Based on the book by Aidan Hartley
Sigma Films
In development
Director Idris Elba

Adaptation of the book by Victor Headley about a cocaine courier who disappears in Hackney with the drug

Warp Films
In development

Adaptation of the book by Matt Haig

Parallel Films
In development
Altered Image Films
In Development
Producer Ida Weiss
Director Maja Weiss
  • Iva Krajnc
  • Boris Ostan
    Feature film about a summer canoe trip
    M&L Films
    Producer Allan Niblo and James Richardson
    Director Simon Ellis
  • Kate Heppell
  • Luke Treadaway
  • Richard Riddell
    Original feature about the perils, pitfalls and wrong turns of romance in the 21st century
    Vertigo Films
    Producer Rafael Socha
    Feature adaptation of the book by William Rhode
    Hope and Glory Productions
    In development
    Producer Various
    Director Danny Hansford & Jonathan Teplitzky

    The story of two very different men who live on opposite sides of the globe who are both told that they are dying

    Revolver Entertainment
    4DH Films
    In development
    Producer Various
    Director Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Kelly Adams
  • Tom Hardy
  • Matt King
    Biopic of Charles Bronson
    Magnet Releasing
    Vertigo Films
    Producer Philippe Bober
    Director Bruce La Bruce
    The Coproduction Office

    Writer & Producer