Callum Turner

Callum starred in Paul McGuigan's feature Victor Frankenstein at the end of last year and soon to be seen in Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room which premiered in Cannes. He can currently be seen in Tom Harper's War and Peace for BBC and has just finished filming the leading role in Adam Leon's US feature Tramps.

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Callum was recently announced as one of BAFTA Breakthrough Brits and Screen International's Stars of Tomorrow. 

I have a feeling that this one is going to be a late night horror favourite for years to come.

Benjamin Lee
The Guardian on Green Room

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‘her dashing brother Anatole (Callum Turner) had cad inscribed on his [face]’ 

Tom Birchenough
The Art's Desk on War and Peace

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Callum Turner was Aaron, the man half her (Helen McRory) age, and so much of the success of Leaving was down to their utterly believable performances which, in turn, led to the relationship itself seeming so utterly believable too.

Jacob Martin
The Yorker on Leaving

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Callum Turner played Eli with a tremendous damaged energy throughout the series. It's very difficult for an actor to portray so many different facets of a character at once, and in showing the many shades of Eli Bray's possessiveness and skewed nobility (culminating in that mesmerising scene on the hill), Turner pulled it off.

Jonathan McAloon
The Telegraph on Glue

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The literal standout is 6 ft 2 Callum Turner... Gangly, good-looking and with a swagger that contrasts sharply with his brooding on-screen demeanour...

Gabriel Tate
The Guardian on Glue

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