Cathy Kelly

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Born in Belfast, Cathy always wanted to write and after journalism college went to work at one of Ireland's national Sunday newspapers, where she started in news but went on to become a feature writer, agony aunt, film critic and columnist.

While still a journalist, she decided to have a go at writing a novel. This was Woman to Woman, which went straight in to the Irish bestseller list and stayed there for eight weeks. To date she has written 12 novels. Her books are number one bestsellers and are published in many countries around the world in English and in translation.

Cathy's new novel, Between Sisters, is published by Orion (October 2015).

Cathy is also an Ambassador for UNICEF in Ireland helping to raise awareness of the plight of children orphaned in Africa through Aids. She lives with her husband, John and seven-year-old twin boys in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.


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