Far Rockaway

by Charlie Fletcher Fiction

  • UK & Comm Hachette Children's Books (September 2011)

Cat Manno has a deal with her grandfather Victor: one day, just for the fun of it they’ll stay on the subway all the way to the end of the line, all the way to Far Rockaway.

This isn’t that day.

This is the day a terrible accident sends them on a very different journey: Victor wakes in the Emergency Room to see the doctors crowded round Cat’s unconscious body as they struggle to save her.

Cat wakes somewhere else entirely, a deep green world of virgin forests, towering mountains and wild seas, a world created from all the adventure stories Victor read her as she grew up.

To get back home she must fight her way to an island on the edge of this unknown world and rescue Victor before it’s too late…

Hold on tight and join Cat on the journey of a lifetime.

Far Rockaway

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