Chetan Parkyn

Chetan Parkyn


Chetan Parkyn grew up in Shropshire, England. On completing an apprenticeship and an honors degree in mechanical engineering, he traveled in four continents, working for a number of years as a troubleshooting engineer.

While working in India, he was introduced to the enlightened mystic, Osho, and was guided to start examining ways in which people could relate more closely and effectively with their lives.

In 1993, Chetan became one of the very first professional readers in the Human Design System and began to teach Human Design professionally in 1997. He continues to give life-altering readings, and has developed and delivered talks, seminars and professional trainings in the Human Design System.

His first book, Human Design : Discover the Person You Were Born To Be (Harper Collins 2009) gives readers a direct and penetratingly accurate viewing of themselves and the people in their lives, through a 21st Century system that is based both in science and esoterics.

Chetan lives in San Diego, California with his wife Carola Eastwood, and conducts readings and seminars for clients worldwide.

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