Clay, Smith and Topolski picked as Amazon Emerging Authors


March 12, 2008

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith, Broken by Daniel Clay and Monster Love by Carol Topolski have been nominated by as part of their 'New and Emerging Authors' list of favourite books of 2008.

Set in Stalinist Russia, Child 44 tells the story of Leo Demidov, a security officer who suffers the consequences of daring to suggest that Stalin's 'perfect state' still suffers crime by investigating a string of brutal murders.

Monster Love focusses on Brendan and Sherilyn, a young couple so much in love that they need no-one else. When a child enters their lives, their mutual adoration becomes something strange and perverse and their love story ultimately turns to evil.

A modern take on To Kill A Mockingbird, Broken follows 11 year old Skunk Cunningham as she recounts the events of the last few weeks that have led to her lying comatose in a hospital bed. At its heart is the war between her own family and her nightmarish neighbours, the Oswalds.

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