Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn

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Over the past four decades, Alan Siegel has become one of the best-known figures in the branding business and a driving force behind the plain English movement in the U.S. and abroad. He has achieved the stature of both pillar of the establishment and provocative iconoclast, while building a leading brand consultancy, Siegel+Gale, devoted to positioning global companies for competitive success. As consultant, author and teacher, Alan’s influence extends to advising such organizations as Xerox, American Express, the National Basketball Association, Caterpillar, 3M, US Air Force, Dell, The Girl Scouts, Phoenix House, the Legal Aid Society, Carnegie Mellon University and the New School; creating best-selling guides for the Wall Street Journal on understanding financial markets, and serving on the boards of numerous business, cultural and professional organizations.

Irene Etzkorn is one of the world’s foremost authorities on simplification. She’s built Siegel+Gale’s Simplification portfolio into the largest and most well-respected in the field, with more milestone projects across more industries than any other firm. Irene has worked extensively in the financial services, government and healthcare sectors. Irene holds a BA in English and Biology with highest honors from C.W. Post College, and an MA in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. She’s currently a Board member of the Center for Plain Language and has served on both the English Advisory Board of Carnegie Mellon University and the Communications Advisory Board of Dalbar.