Alex Holmes

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House of Saddam

BAFTA Nominated: Best Director and Best Drama Serial. Winner Grierson Award: Best Factual Drama. Nominated Banff Rockie Award: Best Mini Series.
Producer Steve Lightfoot Starring
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo
  • Philip Arditti
  • Mounir Margoum
    Production Company BBC Productions
    Broadcaster BBC 2

    Alex Holmes's powerful but humorous history book I, Claudius as a starting point in tone.

    Beginning in 1979 with the coup that led to Saddam Hussein's accession to power and ending with his execution after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, this mini-series told the extraordinary story of Saddam's dictatorship by emphasizing the domestic machinations at the heart of his regime as much as the geo-politics.

    Co-financed by HBO, House of Saddam won plaudits in both the UK and the US and is widely regarded as the most successful dramatic account of Saddam Hussein's reign to date.

    House of Saddam

    a chilling and riveting essay on the evils that men do and continue doing, year after year Tom Shales
    Washington Post

    It was soap, it was reality, it was cheeky and it was terrifying
    The Times