Alexis Conran

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Don't Miss a Trick

Producer Andrew O'Connor Director Adam Wimpenny Starring
  • Jessica-Jane Clement
  • Pete Firman
  • Kate Thornton
    Production Company Objective Productions
    Broadcaster BBC1

    Alexis starred alongside Kate Thornton, Pete Firman and the rest of the Real Hustle team in the family special Don’t Miss a Trick. The show featured incredible magic and plenty of jaw-dropping reactions as a team of masters of deception baffled the public with amazing stunts.

    Alexis, Jessica Clement and Paul Wilson from BBC 3's Real Hustle performed seemingly impossible magic tricks with help from astonished members of the public. Meanwhile, magician Pete Firman, from CBBC's Stakeout, stunned the public on the streets with his shocking, stomach-churning tricks.

    Don't Miss a Trick
    Don't Miss a Trick
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