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book | Fiction | Jun 2023
US → The Dial Press (Ed. Whitney Frick & Clio Seraphim)
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty (Ed. Jane Palfreyman)

E is a contemporary fiction novel set in Melbourne that traces Ana’s move from Perth to escape bad memories of a past relationship. Bouncing between dating apps and working in an uncomfortably enthusiastic and yet mis-managed tech start-up, she soon abandons the apps in favour of meeting people the old-fashioned way: a meet cute at a bar. Evan is a complete aberration from her ex, he works in finance and has a wallet that isn’t attached to his pants by a chain; she quickly finds herself in his thrall. However, when she discovers that Evan’s previous girlfriend, Emily, was killed in a hit and run accident less than a year ago, she fears she’s living in the shadow of his former lost love. Ana trawls through Emily’s dormant social media accounts, building a narrative on an unstable foundation and spiralling into obsession. Spurred on by Evan’s inability to talk about Emily, Ana soon takes her search for answers offline.

E has plot elements of a modern-day Rebecca by Daphne Du-Maurier, and explores issues such as social media obsession, technological anxiety, dating, and the modern workplace with a sharp, incisive eye akin to Diana Reid and Megan Nolan’s Acts of Desperation.


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