Andy Riley

Cartoonist and scriptwriter
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Andy Riley is the creator, author and artist of the best-selling series of Bunny Suicides cartoon books, as well as a host of other very funny stuff.

His scriptwriting work includes writing for his own and other people's shows - Black Books, The Great Outdoors, Little Britain, Armstrong and Miller, Smack the Pony, The Armando Ianucci Shows, Veep - and is no less funny.

So far his books have sold around one and a half million copies and have been published in more than fifteen countries, as well as inspiring calendar, greetings card and poster spin-offs.






  • Shame that 'arsed' is only ever used in the negative as in 'can't be arsed.' I'd vote for any party with the slogan 'Britain is arsed!'

    @Seenohippies respect for doubling down on a zammo. Sometimes you have to ride these things through

    @OldRoberts953 I'd grown weary of Who wearing its history like a huge hat so big that it could no longer get through doors. Better now.

Brilliantly original and hilarious. It's nearly as good as one of my books.

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