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DIY Dentistry: And Other Alarming Inventions


Bunnies, be free and happy! Small kids, knowledge is yours once more! Cartoon master of the dastardly and deranged, Andy Riley, has left behind his previous bugbears and turned his bizarre attentions to the world of inventions.

DIY Dentistry shows what happens when a bored, macabre intelligence involves itself with blue-sky thinking - a high-speed police response unit enabled by The Cop Catapult, a Solitaire Boxing device for the lonely pugilist and An Arsehole Trap which deals quickly, and appropriately, with wannabe Big Brother candidates.

These, and many other freakish twists of the imagination come alive in this hilarious, sometimes thought provoking (mostly not), brilliant new collection. A must for any discerning gift giver.


Melissa Pimentel manages the translation rights for DIY Dentistry: And Other Alarming Inventions

DIY Dentistry: And Other Alarming Inventions

One of the funniest cartoonists in Britain.

The Times

Andy Riley can reasonably claim to be an heir to Heath Robinson... He is extraordinarily inventive.

Sunday Telegraph

One of the country's funniest cartoonists... A hoot but not for the faint-hearted.

Daily Mirror

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