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The Book of Bunny Suicides

This is dark humour at its best – a collection of hilarious and outrageous cartoons which will appeal to anyone in touch with their evil side.

Emma Bailey (HR) manages the translation rights for The Book of Bunny Suicides

The Book of Bunny Suicides

If you are a bunny contemplating suicide, then this is the book for you. Paul Whitehouse

At last, a British Gary Larson. But without the other animals. David Baddiel

Brilliantly researched - one of the most important books of the year. Hugh Grant

It's the funniest, bunniest book I've ever read! Elton John

Inspired, ingenious...fiendishly funny. Ardal O'Hanlon

The most moving account of rabbit related depression I can recall reading. It will stay with me in my toilet for a long, long time. The only time the phrase "not a happy bunny" has made me laugh. Adam Buxton (The Adam & Joe Show)

Watership Down for the deeply sick. Very imaginative, very funny, very worrying if you're the author's mother. Richard Curtis

A delightful illustrated volume of creative self-destruction.

What kind of sick mind finds humour in such cruelty?
The League of Gentlemen

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