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Travelling Companions

book | Fiction | Sep 2021
ANZ → Transit Lounge (Ed. Barry Scott)

Solitary travellers and a couple encounter a compulsive storyteller on their travels through Spain, France and Italy who diverts them all with her various tales such as The Tale of the American Hippy from Parma, The Tale of the
Postal Worker and the Starlet
, The Tale of the Corporate Raider and the Talking Parrot and The Tale of the Plombier who Orchestrates Rainwater which prompts her fellow travelling companions to tell their own tales, such as The Tale of the Other Kim Novak and The Tale of the Unexpected Party of Superheroes.

Charming, amusing and philosophical,
Travelling Companions is a novel about storytelling, travel and friendship ... A diversion for the darkest of times.


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"Its effect is so mysterious and accumulatory....."It's all about a way to live really, and the book provides an immersive, existential experience for the reader – not just an enchanting story. ....It's a triumph.

Virginia Peters, author of Have You Seen Simone?

Travelling Companions: it’s the ur-theme, isn’t it? The essential promise of literature....The author comes with us across the terrain of our own lives, making the ordinary profound.”

John Armstrong, author of The Secret Power of Beauty

In the tradition of Boccaccio and Chaucer, Jach is an extraordinarily inventive fabulist for late capitalism, seducing his reader into an ever-expansive web of captivating and often hilarious stories from likely – and unlikely – travelling companions.

Marion May Campbell

'Travelling Companions is totally captivating. From the first page we are journey bound, travelling with a beguiling, mismatched group, caught up in random meetings and moments, in dreams and intrigues that are the essence of travel, the very essence of life.'

Ellie Nielsen, author of Buying a Piece of Paris

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