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Blood Rites

ICM Highlight London Book Fair 2011 book
UK Granta
US Metropolitan Books
Origins and History of the Passions of War.

Granta published Barbara Ehrenreich’s 1997 classic groundbreaking investigation into the roots of war, with a new afterword relating her argument to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the UK in April 2011.

A New York Times Notable Book.

In Blood Rites, Barbara Ehrenreich confronts the mystery of the human attraction to violence: What draws our species to war and even makes us see it as a kind of sacred undertaking? Blood Rites takes us on an original journey from the elaborate human sacrifices of the ancient world to the carnage and holocaust of twentieth-century "total war." Sifting through the fragile records of prehistory, Ehrenreich discovers the wellspring of war in an unexpected place--not in a "killer instinct" unique to the males of our species but in the blood rites early humans performed to reenact their terrifying experience of predation by stronger carnivores.

Brilliant in conception, rich in scope, Blood Rites is a monumental work that will transform our understanding of the greatest single threat to human life.

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Blood Rites
Blood Rites
Blood Rites

Keen and arresting... One of today’s most original writers has tackled one of humankind’s most intractable subjects.
New York Times Book Review

She makes a thorough examination of a wide range of historical, psychological, sociological, biological, and anthropological literature to come up with her unique theory.
Full Review

In this ambitious work, Barbara Ehrenreich offers a daring explanation for humans' propensity to wage war.

Ehrenreich has outdone herself in breaking with conventional history, and the result is thrilling in that seeing-the-world-anew way. Susan Faludi
The Nation

Her thesis is fascinating, and the anthropological exposition is well written and convincing, if mainly speculative.
Library Journal

Splendid  . . .  A fascinating perspective on our staunch devotion to mass, mutual slaughter. Blood Rites is that rare animal, a nonfiction page-turner.

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