Brian features in Mike Leigh's new film PeterlooHis recent television credits include Jeff Pope and Danny Baker's series Cradle to Grave on BBC2, BBC1's Ordinary Lies and Home Fires on ITV1. He played a lead in The Passing Bells on BBC1.

Hastie’s production is a glory, too, with a faultless cast, especially … Brian Fletcher’s schoolboy, a wonderfully pawky professional debut.

David Jays
The Times on The York Realist

Plaudits, too, for...Brian Fletcher as his dreamily and insolently detached nephew Jack

Dominic Cavendish
Telegraph on The York Realist

There is delicate, understated work, too, from the whole cast, particularly …  Brian Fletcher as George’s gawky teenage nephew Jack. 

Sarah Hemming
The Financial Times on The York Realist

There is also a striking debut from Brian Fletcher as a gawky youth: mouth slightly open, features sunk in doleful adolescence, neck at an awkward angle, “dunno” hisdefault response. He makes himself look like a line-drawing from a 60s comic.

Susannah Clapp
The Guardian on The York Realist

And the superb performances have exactly the same sense of texture and feel. There's not a character on this stage that you don't care about, from Brian Fletcher (making his professional debut) as thegawky teenager Jack, all elbows and dunnos 

Sarah Crompton
WhatsonStage on The York Realist