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Bodies Electric

US Crown Publishers
Jack Whitman is a powerful executive with a massive multimedia conglomerate. He is extremely well-paid, highly ambitious, and desperately lonely since his wife's murder. Then one night on a subway car, his eyes meet those of a woman he cannot forget.

Dolores Salcines is a ravaged beauty on the knife edge of despair- a woman on the run with secrets, and good reason to hide them. What she needs is a saviour- an impulsive rescue form a dire past. What she has found is a man willing to give it to her.

It begins as a reckless liaison. It spirals into a nightmare that threatens Jack's career, his fortune, and his life. A trap has been set. For Jack, the only chance at escape is to submit to the one final dangerous urge that resides in the dark side of every human heart.

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Bodies Electric

Harrison has written a beautifully balanced thriller in which high-tech corporate power struggles are contrasted with the incendiary passion for family shared by Jack, who finally has everything, and Hector, who has lost it all.
Publishers Weekly
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Harrison has a feel for the rhythm of New York, just as Dashiell Hammett had for San Francisco. The plot, told from the perspective of corporate businessman Jack Whitman, oozes sex, blood, and greed.
Library Journal
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