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Break and Enter

US Crown Publishers

Peter Scattergood is a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, a relentless and clever prosecutor who has just landed the biggest case of his career- a double homicide, involving the mayor's nephew and his mistress. This is not the best time for his wife to walk out on their crumbling marriage and to disappear. 

As Peter tries to find his wife, and to build his case, he is drawn into an affair with an alluring stranger named Cassandra, a woman whose greatest skill is arousing suspicion. Break and Enter is an intense, intricate thriller about the thresholds we must cross in order to get at the truth.


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Break and Enter
Break and Enter

he really knows how to spin a tale, and his novel is intelligent, absorbing and satisfying.
Publishers Weekly
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Harrison's sharp plot mechanics exhibit none of the teething problems normally associated with debut suspense novels, and his ingenious use of a powerful, recurring subtext referred to in the book's title will please even the most discriminating reader. 
Library Journal
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