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Most Likely To Leap

book | Non-Fiction | 2019
World English → Simon & Schuster (Ed. Jon Karp & Ben Loehnen)

Israel at the Crossroads of Global Innovation

A follow up to the co-authors’ New York Times bestseller, Start-Up Nation, which told the story of Israel’s unique culture of innovation.

A decade later, their work focuses on “leapfrogging”: when a country innovates in ways that lets it skip over many iterative stages of development, like foregoing landlines for mobile phones. When planted in the high incentive, low resistance soil of small rich countries (like Israel) and big poor countries (like India), technology has begun to enable transformations akin to the advent of electricity or antibiotics, resulting in life-changing improvements in some of the most important parts of life, including health, education, transportation, and energy.


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