Nighy and Mays make a terrific double act [...] It’s a pleasure to watch them together. 

Mark Kermode
Observer on The Limehouse Golem

Mays is unobtrusively brilliant as Wildeblood

Julia Raeside
The Guardian on Against the Law

Powerfully nuanced performances by Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays as Tim Parry’s parents

Ed Power
The Independant on Mother's Day

Nominated for a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in 2017

It’s perhaps no surprise that Daniel Mays [...] achieves in Aston’s slow-moving actions and speech, culminating in his sad, dazed recollection of his brutal psychiatric treatment, the most affecting moments of the night.

Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph on The Caretaker

It’s a mesmerising, screen-owning, hit-the-big-time performance from Mays

Sam Wollaston
The Guardian on Line of Duty

Mays brought an extraordinary mix of intensity and vulnerability to this most manipulative of hard men.

Gerard O'Donovan
The Telegraph on Line of Duty