Danny Penman

Non-fiction writer and journalist
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After achieving a Ph.D. in biochemistry at Liverpool University, Danny began his career as a journalist by covering the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Subsequently he was awarded a coveted bursary from The Independent to study journalism at City University, and thereafter became a staff journalist on the paper. After two years he left to pursue freelance work and a career as a writer.

Danny currently writes news, features and opinion pieces for the Daily Mail and several other national newspapers, specializing in science, health, animal rights, the environment and terrorism. He is also a commentator on these issues for the BBC World Service and for Radio Four and Five. Recently, Danny made an undercover documentary on the rail industry for BBC1. It received hugely positive reviews and created a wave of media and political interest. He lives in London and Bristol, adopts stray cats, and goes ballooning and gliding whenever Britain's dismal climate allows.






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