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Welcome to the Heady Heights

book | Fiction | Jan 2018
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Welcome to the Heady Heights…

It’s the year punk rock was born, Concorde entered commercial service and a tiny Romanian gymnast changed the sport forever. 

Archie Blunt is a man with big ideas. He just needs a break for them to be realised. In a bizarre brush with the light-entertainment business, Archie unwittingly saves the life of the UK’s top showbiz star, Hank ‘Heady’ Hendricks’, and now dreams of hitting the big-time as a Popular Music Impresario. Seizing the initiative, he creates a new singing group with five unruly working-class kids from Glasgow’s East End.

Together, they make the finals of a televised Saturday-night talent show, and before they know it, fame and fortune beckon for Archie and The High Five. But there’s a complication; a trail of irate Glaswegian bookies, corrupt politicians and a determined Scottish WPC known as The Tank are all on his tail…

A hilarious, poignant nod to the elusivity of stardom, in an age when ‘making it’ was ‘having it all’, Welcome to the Heady Heights is also a dark, laugh-out-loud comedy, a poignant tribute to a bygone age and a delicious drama about desperate men, connected by secrets and lies, by accidents of time and, most of all, the city they live in.


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Welcome to the Heady Heights is powerful and punchy, with well placed, darker than dark humour highlighting a visual feast of a read. 

Full Review

This is hardboiled tartan noir with a musical edge, streetwise intelligence and exactly the sense of humour you'd hope to find. 

A. L. Kennedy
Full Review

Ross brings his ever-so-dark humour and caustic eye to 1970’s Glasgow, and it proves to be the perfect pairing.

Scots Whay Hae
Full Review

‘Music is always at the heart of David F Ross’ novels, but the spotlight in his latest is trained on the ugly, sleazy side of Glasgow in 1976, with decaying tenements, a misogynistic police force, corrupt councillors and a ring of powerful sexual predators from the worlds of entertainment and politics … This story goes to some dark places but Ross keeps it consistently entertaining’

Alastair Mabbott,
The Herald Scotland

'This is the year when punk rock broke, and that genre’s rhythms and sentiments pervade the book, giving it a brittle, funny, abrasive, swaggering atmosphere, charged with lust and greed. Most of all it’s a love-hate poem to the Glasgow of that time.'

The Spectator

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