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Producer Filter Starring
  • Oliver Dimsdale
  • Christine Entwisle
  • Mariah Gale
  • Paul Hamilton
    Hampstead Theatre

    Silence is the latest collaboration between David Farr and the celebrated theatre company, Filter. 

    Left alone in an unfamiliar land, Kate struggles to silence the noises inside her head and begins to question her own sanity. In London, Michael listens carefully to a conversation recorded twenty years ago. Can he hear a third silent person on the tape? In a small Russian town, Irina searches desperately for her missing friend, piecing together fragments from his life. From urban noise to rural emptiness, through rationalism to spirituality, from Russia to the UK,

    Silence opened at Hampstead Theatre on May 12th 2011


    Farr’s production moves at a cracking pace, cutting from scene to scene with film-like bravura...(it) is also deeply poignant Charles Spencer
    Daily Telegraph

    inventive...and the atmospheres strong Libby Purves
    The Times
    Full Review

    A great show by Filter Paul Taylor
    The Independent

    It's an extraordinary sequence that combines sonic obsession with a hint of the silent power of unspoken love; and, for me, it was worth all the rest of the show's clever constituents put together.
    Michael Billington
    The Guardian

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