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The Heart of Robin Hood

Producer RSC Director Gisli Örn Gardarsson Starring
  • Gareth Aled
  • Martin Hutson
  • Emma Manton
  • Flora Montgomery
    Royal Shakespeare Theatre

    David Farr's updated version of a great English legend.

    The notorious Robin Hood and his band of outlaws steal from the rich, creating a fearsome reputation amongst those who dare to travel through the mighty forest of sherwood. But they do not share their spoils with the poor and are unloved by the people, who must also pay unfair taxes to the evil Prince John as he plots to steal his brother's crown. In this time of chaos and fear, it is down to Marion to boldly protect the poor and convince Robin that he must listen to his heart if they are to save the country.

    The Heart of Robin Hood opened in the USA at American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts in December 2013 and in Canada in December 2014.

    The Heart of Robin Hood

    the Heart of Robin Hood is a festive treat of genuine panache Charles Spencer
    The Telegraph

    it is staged with such verve and invention that it is impossible not to surrender to it Michael Billington
    The Guardian

    RSC's outstanding new family show Kate Bassett
    Independent on Sunday

    Ingenious, sophisticated family entertainment, swash of buckle and full of lovely touches Fiona Mountford
    Evening Standard

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