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The Campus Trilogy

book | Fiction | 2011
UK → Penguin

David Lodge's three delightfully sophisticated campus novels, now gathered together in one volume, expose the world of academia at its best- and its worst. 

In Changing Places, we meet Philip Swallow, British lecturer in English at the University of Rummidge, and the flamboyant American Morris Zapp of Euphoric State University, who participate in a professorial exchange program at the close of the tumultuous sixties. Ten years later in Small World, older but not noticeably wiser, they are let loose on the international conference circuit-along with a memorable and somewhat oversexed cast of dozens. And in Nice Work, the leftist feminist Dr. Robyn Penrose at Rummidge University is assigned to shadow the director of a local engineering firm, sparking a collision of ideologies and lifestyles that seems unlikely to foster anything other than mutual antipathy.


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The Campus Trilogy

There are few true laugh out loud moments in The Campus Trilogy and I wouldn't dream of spoiling any of them by quoting, but I read all three novels back to back (the best way I would argue), all 900 pages (all-but) inside a working week, and smiled the whole time. The Bookbag
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