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The Man Who Wouldn't Get Up and Other Stories

book | Fiction | Sep 2016
UK → Vintage

A nameless man, who has fallen out of love with life, refuses to get out of bed, with unexpected consequences. A sociologist recalls how he learned his first and formative lesson about the oppressive power of capitalism selling newspapers and magazines up and down the platforms of Waterloo station. Some years before the era of the Pill and the Permissive Society, four university friends travel to the Mediterranean for their first holiday together, where the climate is sultry and sex is on everyone’s mind. And a strong-willed young woman defies adverse circumstances to pursue the perfect wedding at all costs.


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This collection, spanning four decades, highlights the limits of relationships between the sexes.

Andrew Motion
The Guardian

Throughout his writing career, Lodge has consistently revealed an acute eye and ear for the telling details that distinguish his characters.

Carl Wilkinson
The Financial Times

it may come as something of a surprise that Lodge, now 81, is only now publishing his first collection of eight short stories; he seems so perfectly suited to the form

Carl Wilkinson
The Financial Times

brisk, well-observed collection that one wishes was twice as long

Carl Wilkinson
The Financial Times

David Lodge's short stories are as witty and surprising as his novels

Saturday Review
The Times

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