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The Mother's Bond

book | Fiction | Aug 2018
UK & Comm → Little, Brown Book Group (UK) (Ed. Maddie West)

Could a teenage mistake change everything?

Kathryn Casey has a secret past. But these days she barely notices the little daily lies she tells to keep it hidden. She has a new identity now. All she wants is an orderly, predictable life that revolves around her beloved husband and children.

Kathryn was once Kelly, a girl who lived on one of the roughest estates in the north and got pregnant as a teen. When she moved away, she left the past behind. Now there's a stranger in her kitchen, and he knows more about her than he is letting on. What does he want? Has he come for help or is he planning to wreck her life?

Will Kathryn finally have to admit to her family that she isn't who they think she is?


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