Edmund Coulthard

Fiction director
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Ed Coulthard is a highly acclaimed television director who started his career with a string of award-winning documentaries, among them Vile Bodies for Channel 4 and the Prix Italia nominated single I'll Be Your Mirror for the BBC.

He moved into drama with enormous success in 2005, winning a BAFTA for Best New Director with his first fictional series, Tales From Pleasure Beach. He went on to win a second BAFTA with his 2007 television drama Soundproof, a BBC thriller set in London's deaf community.

Ed runs his own production company, Blast! Films, which in 2008 produced the multi award-winning Hunger by Enda Walsh.




Writer Edmund Coulthard and Colin Swash
  • Samantha Bond
  • Emilia Fox
    Five part factual documentary-drama series about the present Queen
    Blast! Films for Channel4
    The Promised Land
    Winner: Best Documentary Series at the Chicago and New York Film Festivals
    Documentary series about the African American migration to Chicago for BBC 2
    BBC 2
    I'll Be Your Mirror
    Winner: Best Documentary, Montreal and Melbourne Film Festivals
    1 x 50'
    Producer Adam Barker
    Documentary about the New York Photographer Nan Goldin
    Blast! Films for BBC2
    One Night Stand
    Winner: Best Documentary at the Indie Awards
    Producer Adam Barker
    A look at the lives of three singletons as they go in search of a prospective partner.
    Blast! Films for Channel 4
    Vile Bodies
    Nominated for a BAFTA, a Prix Italia and an RTS Award
    Documentary series about photography and the body
    Channel 4
    Producer Adam Barker
    Bitter-sweet documentary about the British porn business
    Blast! Films for Channel4
    Two-part drama documentary exploring the most secret part of the police force
    Blast! Films for Channel 4
    Tales From Pleasure Beach
    Winner: BAFTA Best New Director (Fiction)
    Writer Roger Williams
  • Ruth Jones
  • Eve Myles
  • Rachel Isaac
    BBC2 drama series set at a Welsh seaside funfair
    Blast! Films for BBC 2
    Producer Mark Hayhurst
    Writer Mark Hayhurst
  • Michael Colgan
  • Chris O'Dowd
    1974-1975 - a year of terrorism across London.
    Blast! Films for Channel4
    BAFTA Best Director 2007
  • Susan Lynch
  • Brendan Coyle
  • Neil Stuke
    BBC single thriller set in London's deaf community
    Blast! Films for BBC

    Director & Producer

    Writer Robert Jones
  • Christopher Eccleston
  • Christopher Fairbank
  • Naoko Mori
  • Allan Corduner
  • Andrew Scott
    John Lennon biopic
    Blast! Films for BBC4