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Ella Griffin was born and grew up in Dublin. Her childhood dream of writing turned into an award-winning career in advertising. She has scripted a film for RTE 'Short Cuts' and travelled the world writing features for Irish magazines including Image, Irish Tatler and Cara.

Ella lives in County Wicklow with her husband. Her new novel, The Flower Arrangement, will be published by Orion in June 2015.

'A funny, witty, story of the colliding lives of four Dubliners.'

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  • https://t.co/QYiYUw5rT9

    I my 20s, I used to trawl charity shops for vintage pulp fiction like this. Unreadable but oh, those covers!!! https://t.co/c63VaiBatW

    In another day of depressing headlines, I love the poetry in this one: 'Pluto's frozen heart may hide a vast underground ocean.'