Emilie Pine

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Notes to Self

book | 2018
UK → Hamish Hamilton (Ed. Simon Prosser)
US → Dial Press (Ed. Whitney Frick)
Island of Ireland → Tramp Press (Ed. Sarah Davis-Goff, Lisa Coen)

'The person who loves the addict exhausts and renews their love on a daily basis.'

In this vivid and powerful collection of essays, Emilie Pine writes about all the things she shouldn’t say. Addressing addiction, fertility, feminism, sexual violence and depression, Notes to Self  is raw, funny and honest.

Unsentimental and brave, this startling debut breaks new ground in the field of personal essays.


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Do not read this book in public: it will make you cry

Anne Enright

Pine is fascinating and relatable throughout. As soon as you think you know her, she reveals another side. In the best testament of a good book, I have already recommended this to several people. And I’m doing the same here.

The Sunday Times (Irish edition)

Emilie Pine is a wise and talented essayist… every line pulses with the pain and joy and complexity of an extraordinary life.

Mark O'Connell

Honest, full-voiced … a vital collection

Belinda McKeon

I’ve never read anything quite like these essays. Pine’s fluent intelligence flows through each question, each dilemma, in its own inimitable way. It’s the kind of book you want to give to everyone, especially young women and men, so that we can learn together to take ourselves and each other more seriously.

The Irish Times

Notes to Self begins as a deceptively simple catalogue of the injustices of modern female life and slyly emerges as a screaming treatise on just what it means to make your own rules, turning the hand you’ve been dealt into the coolest game in town. Emilie Pine is like your best friend—if your best friend was so sharp she drew blood.

Lena Dunham, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Not That Kind of Girl

Emilie Pine’s voice is razor sharp, her ideas right on time. Her perspective feels both totally new and as familiar as my own breath. This is my favorite memoir of the year and I’ll be giving copies of it to every single one of my friends. Notes to Self brings new energy to the feminist movement—it is necessary nourishment for the woman warrior’s soul.

Glennon Doyle, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Love Warrior

Emilie Pine’s collection of essays, Notes to Self, is light on its feet and goes in deep – family, class, the ways in which women are scared into silence.

Deborah Levy