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Designer Genes

book | Fiction | Jan 2009
World → Poolbeg Press
Emily Cusack's got it all sorted. A loving husband, two adorable kids and a gorgeous home. All she needs now is an au pair, for life to be truly perfect. Her friend Susie is content too. A brilliant psychotherapist, she's got an elegant flat, a wardrobe full of ball-busting suits, a sleek sports car and doesn't need a man, thank you very much. The only jeans the friends normally encounter are the designer version. Then Emily learns about genes of a different kind and why she could be a carrier of a cancer-causing one. Emily doesn't take much lying down and deals with this in her decisive way. But can her marriage survive the aftershock? Emily's news rocks Susie and makes her take a long hard look at her own self-sufficient life. Brought up by her loving but ditzy single mum, Susie has never known her father. Now she decides to do something about it. But she's in for more than she bargains for! One thing's for sure - life will never be the same again after a trip on this roller-coaster of discovery.

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Designer Genes
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