Emma Lowndes

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Kudos to Emma Lowndes for showing us a mother driven to extremes of rage and tenderness. Thomas Hardy would have written a whole book about this woman.

Louis Bayard
New York Times on Downton Abbey

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Emma Lowndes is transfixing as the self-sacrificing May.

Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph on The Accrington Pals

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Emma Lowndes as his truth-telling sister...gives a beautifully defined performance

Michael Billington
The Guardian on Children Of The Sun

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Emma Lowndes' Susanna is frustrated and lonely – neither the saint nor the sinner that an outwardly puritanical, in reality rapacious public gaze demands. She's a well-rounded character in a play fascinated by double-speak.

Tom Wicker
The Stage on The Herbal Bed

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