Emma Lowndes

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The Accrington Pals

Role May
Director James Dacre
Royal Exchange Theatre
Based on a true story, The Accrington Pals is set in Lancashire on the eve of the First World War, where the town becomes the smallest in England to raise a Pals Volunteer Brigade.

Soon, however, the horrific realities of the trenches become apparent and the lives of the men serving on the front line and the women left behind are changed irreversibly.

Emma plays the strong, independent May, a greengrocer who throws herself into work as an escape from the huge social and emotional upheavals affecting the town.

Emma Lowndes is transfixing as the self-sacrificing May. Dominic Cavendish
The Telegraph

Emma Lowndes's May...catches perfectly the emotional austerity that was often the price paid for financial independence. Michael Billington
The Guardian

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