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Wild City

book | Non-Fiction | Jan 2022
UK & Comm excluding Canada → Orion Publishing Group (Ed. Pippa Wright)

Nature writing has traditionally centred on spending time out in the wilderness — in carefully defined habitats far from towns, cities and other humans. But as more and more of our planet is urbanised, there’s a growing interest in the wildlife that is taking up metropolitan residence. In evolutionary terms, as humans adapt to an urban lifestyle we still feel the pull from our wilder roots. And in the current circumstances, state-sanctioned daily walks mean that people are taking solace in the signs of spring like never before.

Wild City will take readers on a journey into why we should engage with wildlife in the city, what we might see — if we only take the time to look — and how nature is adapting at speed to human-engineered environments.

It will investigate how to support our urban wildlife, both as individuals and collectively, culminating with a look at what the future might hold, should government and big business take decisive action before it’s too late.


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