Henry is currently shooting feature film The Winemaker's Son, directed by Paolo Pilladi. 

Simon Godwin's production boasts a terrific central performance from Henry Lloyd-Hughes.  Switching easily between direct address and dialogue, he radiates the intelligence, charm and sometimes naïve idealism and stubbornness of Stewart

Paul Taylor
The Independent on Occupational Hazards

Lloyd-Hughes is riveting, embodying thissub-Lawrentian figure, a man of high ideals who is left having to grapple with the everyday reality of a land at war with itself and, also, with him.

The Times Online
on Occupational Hazards

'Henry Lloyd-Hughes proves memorably grotesque as the wheelchair-bound suitor in the loony bin...'

Charles Spencer
The Daily Telegraph on The Changeling

The standout performances come from Henry Lloyd-Hughes, magnetic as sinister Dimitri...

Henry Hitchings
The London Evening Standard on Posh

Henry Lloyd-Hughes plays a reptilian bully with vilely persuasive relish

Charles Spencer
The Daily Telegraph on Punk Rock