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After the Darkness

ANZ Viking
It's only by chance that Trudy and Bruce Harrison notice the isolated ocean view gallery on their way home from holiday...

It's not listed on any tourist pamphlet. There are no other visitors. Within the maze of rooms the couple begins to feel uneasy. They are right to. The next few hours will rip them from their safe, comfortable existence forever.

Bruce and Trudy escape from the gallery, bruised and brutalised. But a man is dead. Was someone else there that day? Did the attack even happen the way they remember it? Their doubts grow until they can no longer trust anyone, not even each other. There is no return from the dark places their fear will push them.

Trilling, stylish and strikingly atmospheric, After the Darkness is an extraordinary psychological suspense that examines the very moral codes by which we live. In the fluid boundary between good and evil, where do we draw the line?

Eva Papastratis manages the translation rights for After the Darkness


After the Darkness

There's a sense of foreboding craftily interwoven with the darkness of sexual desire running right from the first to the last sentence in this achingly powerful suspense thriller
Women's Weekly Australia
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Not only was After the Darknessone of the best thrillers of it's kind I've read in a long time, it gave me a chance to work long and hard on some good "can't sorry... reading" excuses.
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An excellent read
Sun Herald

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