Jack Shenker

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Now We Have Your Attention

book | 2017

One of the most important and compelling books I've ever read, by one of Britain's most gifted writers. If you want to understand why we are in this crisis, listen to the voices all too often airbrushed from the political conversation

Owen Jones

Jack Shenker’s elegantly written book not only describes how the calamity of Britain today was long in the making, it outlines a future about which one can reasonably feel hope

Pankaj Mishra

A deft exploration of a nation in distress and a politics that often goes unnoticed . . . If our political elites had shown some of his curiosity towards everyday struggles across Britain, and some of his compassion towards the strugglers, we wouldn’t have reached this pass in the first place.


It is a compelling argument: understand the crisis, listen to the voices removed from the political conversation. It is also a significant democratic intervention: to contrast a bankrupt politics with a “tired, wired and hopeful” generation alive and politically liberated. He hopes that this new chaotic politics will reshape society. I hope so


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