Jamie Ballard

Jamie has featured in the new BBC One drama Three Girls

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The rather high-pitched touchiness and petulant self-concern of Brachiana are adeptly captured by Jamie Ballard

Paul Taylor
Independent on The White Devil

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Taking the crown in a hilarious ‘Who, me?!’ moment at the start, Jamie Ballard gives full vent to his character’s waywardness.

Patrick Marmion
The Daily Mail on King John

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Jamie Ballard is a blistering (and blistered) Tiresias

Susannah Clapp
The Observer on Antigone

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"... not only powerful but also highly enjoyable ... fine cameos, particularly from Jamie Ballard"

Susannah Clapp
The Guardian on Scenes from an Execution

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"Jamie Ballard movingly captures the terrible grief of Macduff"****

Charlie Spencer
The Telegraph on Macbeth

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