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Love Is On The Air

book | Fiction | 2010
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Cam Simpson has been going out with Dean for six years, sharing a flat for four. It's a comfortable, cosy life with companionship and security. And Dean is everything she could possibly want - dependable, manly and generous. Or he once was. He seems more interested in football than her these days and, if she dared to admit it, their relationship has become a little predictable. But isn't that what happens when you've been with someone for that long? And, as one of her best friends, Saira, says, it can't be flowers all the time. Deciding all she needs is a holiday with the girls she sets off for Tenerife with Saira and Ella. Almost immediately she meets single-father Tom and rather disturbingly feels that lost spark ignite. But blaming the sun, sea and sangria, she returns home ready to recapture what she and Dean once had.

Until one morning over breakfast, whilst absent-mindedly listening to the radio, Cam hears 'Tom has written in to the show. He came back from holiday in Tenerife a couple of weeks ago and wants to trace a lovely woman he met there. The woman's name is Cam...' And the man she's decided to commit herself to is sitting right there beside her. Knowing she can't brush this one under the carpet, Cam is forced to finally ask herself the crucial question. Should she settle for Mr Good Enough or risk it all for Mr Maybe He's The One?

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Love Is On The Air
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