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Everything You Ever Wanted

book | Non-Fiction | May 2015
US & Canada → Plume (Ed. Rebecca Cole)

“A punk rock Scheherazade” (Margaret Cho) shares the zigzagging path that took her from harem member to PTA member…

In her younger years, Jillian Lauren was a college dropout, a drug addict, and an international concubine in the Prince of Brunei’s harem, an experience she immortalized in in her bestselling memoir, Some Girls. In her thirties, Jillian's most radical act was learning the steadying power of love when she and her rock star husband adopt an Ethiopian child with special needs.  After Jillian loses a close friend to drugs, she herself is saved by her fierce, bold love for her son as she fights to make him — and herself — feel safe and at home in the world.

Exploring complex ideas of identity and reinvention, Everything You Ever Wanted is a must-read for everyone, especially every mother, who has ever hoped for a second act in life.


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Lauren's writing is brave and honest, and she calls out hypocrisy wherever she sees it.


[This] will take your breath away. Jillian Lauren deftly unfurls a story of becoming an adoptive mother and coming terms with her own childhood.

Annabelle Gurwitch, author of I See You Made an Effort

Ferociously brave, funny, and heartwarming. No other parenting book has ever made me feel so validated about the big, messy, beautiful picture of what it means to care for another human being.

Claire Bidwell Smith, author of The Rules of Inheritance

A transformative, unflinching account of the creation of an adoptive family. Jillian and Scott and their son Tariku show us, painful, frustrating and joyful step by step how to attach, heal, listen, trust and then let go. A testament to the fierce and fallible journey of any mother. Reads like a novel, moves you like any great story of survival would, tears of joy and triumph.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jillian Lauren proves she is a master storyteller.

Catherine Burns, Artistic Director, The Moth

An irreverent, deeply honest love letter from a fascinating mother to an exceptional, inspiring child.

Ayelet Waldman, New York Times bestselling author of Bad Mother

Candid, hilarious, searing, and poetic, Jillian Lauren is Everything You Ever Wanted in a memoirist.

Sandra Tsing Loh, author of The Madwoman in the Volvo

[This is] a love story - between Jillian and her rock star husband and also between a couple and their new son. Like all great love stories, the beauty is in the struggle.

Kristen Howerton, founder of Rage Against the Minivan

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