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book | Fiction | 2011
World → Bloomsbury Publishing (Ed. Alexandra Pringle)
Cecilia is obsessively in love with her teacher, the older, married Mr. Dahl. She plots and speculates, yet she never guesses that what she dreams of could actually happen. Is it her imagination, or is the high-minded Mr. Dahl responding to her?

Cecilia's mother Dora wants the good life. She and her husband moved to Dartmoor so their children could run wild, free to make their own choices and mistakes. But Dora discovers that there is more to the countryside idyll, and indeed to her own marriage, than she assumed, when she finds herself fascinated by the very last, the very worst person she could fall for; the elegant and dangerous Elisabeth Dahl.

Now, after twenty years, Cecilia is coming home, to face Dora, and to face her past. But the excitement and pain she had thought were buried cannot be buried. The past is a dangerous place.

You, the unnerving and exceptional new novel from Joanna Briscoe, is a stunning story of sex, memory and family lies.


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Briscoe depicts this world of few rules and many consequences with honesty and with compassion. In lucid, observant prose, she captures the messiness of family and, crushingly, the consequences of desire.
Publishers Weekly

In You, Joanna Briscoe writes with elegance and passion about the clashes, misunderstandings and silences between generations. It is dangerously addictive: life was put firmly on hold while I raced to finish it. Maggie O'Farrell

Literary but also highly commercial, and surely destined to be one of the hits of the summer...
The Bookseller

...there is much in Briscoe's complex, multi-layered narrative of love and loss that would doubtless appeal to both genders...Briscoe's prose is beguilingly good...
The Observer

A beautiful and hauntin novel that explores the nature of obsessive love.

An intense and satisfying read.
Diva Magazine

This is a haunting, richly satisfying novel that plays with disturbing complexity on the question of how far it's possible, or even desirable, to escape from the past.
Literary Review

A good old-fashioned chunky novel, with an absorbing plot, loads of characters and a proper denouement.
Reader's Digest

This novel is a sumptuously written tale of tangled family life with the ultimate message that you can never truly undo the mistakes of the past.
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