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Simply Wonderwoman, the new book from BBC News presenter Joanna Gosling is all about about helping you have the life you want, not the crazy muddled one that’s foisted on you once you have children.

Two thirds of mothers are combining bringing up children with working, which means there are a lot of us out there skimming along, struggling to stay on top of the never-ending tide of tasks those two jobs throw at us.

Simply Wonderwoman is about passing on strategies and ideas that really make a difference to your life, helping busy mum's to save time, money and effort. It's written in fun-to-read, bite-sized chunks, so that you can just pick out one thing to do each day. It’s about doing things fast and smart - not being perfect.

It covers essential time and money-saving tips including:

How to shrink time spent on the cleaning, the laundry, the general drudgery of housework.

How to get organised and make your life a whole lot easier

How to entertain stress-free

How to be empowered through DIY

How to make things for yourself and others that look super-stylish but require zero skill

How to get through the build-up to Christmas stress-free

How to help you look and feel the best that you can be

How to make the most of free time with children

In other words - how to give the impression you are a Wonderwoman by doing it all the easy way - simply.

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